Jane listens more than she speaks, and attributes this trait to her wealth of information and problem-solving skills.  Good listeners are more in-tune with needs of clients and better focused to help ensure a smooth purchase or sale. 


Agents having less of an attention span tend to use sales pitches and excuses to compensate for their lack of focus and dedication.  It’s not their fault though, everyone has a different level of attention span. 


If you compare the knowledge of two agents with equal experience, where one focuses on listening and crafting solutions and the other talking and reciting sales pitches, which one do you think will be most useful to you?


“Cheesy sales pitches make me cringe, and I would never insult anyone’s intelligence with them!”  “Let’s put the ‘Real’ back in Realtor!  Jane quips. 


If you appreciate one who thinks outside the box to create innovative strategies, Jane House-Shebroe is your agent!  Just by reading her blogs on this site she designed herself, it demonstrates her focus and skill.  Her eighteen years of real estate experience benefits both sellers and buyers.


In addition to her top negotiation skills, Jane has exceptional experience in mortgage finance, having previously owned and managed a branch of a prominent mortgage company.  Clients often benefit from her awareness of special financing opportunities; as well as her tips to quickly boost credit ratings to possibly qualify for better interest rates and credit terms. 


Working closely with investors, appraisers, contractors, builders and inspectors for many years has given Jane valuable insight on smarter buying and selling in addition to sharpening her negotiation skills. 


Jane’s advice to clients: “The real estate decisions you make now will greatly impact your retirement funds years later.  Therefore it is wise to maximize your knowledge and power by having an experienced multi-faceted agent standing with you during each step of the process.”   Let


Jane is also a skilled photographer and web designer who creates premier websites customized for each of her new listings individually.  You can count on stunning marketing!  With extensive background in marketing, she offers her clients’ assistance with home staging concepts at no cost. 


When she is not helping her clients buy and sell Florida real estate, Jane is the editor of JupiterFun.com and also volunteers to help advocate for disadvantaged people and animals, and enjoys exploring the world with her family and Maltese dog, Lola. 

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