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Easy Curb Appeal


Clearing old shrubs outside, and planting new flowers or plants creates curb appeal. Any shrubs that stop the sunlight from coming in should be trimmed, or replaced with smaller shrubs, because natural sunlight enhances the home tour.


Bleach concrete and power-wash or use sidewalk paint for sidewalks leading to your door (assuming you HOA allows.)  (Ask your home store for which they recommend for your particular path composite.)


Illusions of Spaciousness


Remove all clutter, anything drab or worn-out, and excess furniture to create an illusion of larger living space and newness.

Closets should appear only half-full and neatly organized (box excess items and store if you have storage space, or consider having a yard sale.)


Borrow or purchase accent furniture to show usefulness of an empty corner of the home, art and other décor from friends or family.  Purchase decorative items to use as staging props now and later serve to decorate your new home after you move.


Mix fabric textures (silk, velvet, canvas) to create a deep rich look, pillows, chairs, drapes, ottomans, etc.


Display more active living space, by adding a small bistro table to an empty corner, set with tea cups or a board game or jigsaw puzzle.


If you have gleaming hardwood floors, roll up old rugs and let them boast their beauty.


Glaze counters to make them sparkle! 


Open all window blinds and curtains to let the sun shine in.  


Set your dining table elegantly, as if you are about to have special dinner guests.


Place any popular cookbook on the kitchen counter.


Let the house speak to the potential buyer


Round off square room corners by placing a chair or other object in the corner facing the room diagonally.


Elegant Showings


Fragrance the entire house with the cleanest-smelling, soft scent. My favorite is “Cotton Candy Essential Oil.”  If you don’t have time to bake, try Cinnamon Roll Candles which arouse the senses as well. 


Everyone likes the smell of clean, but over-spiced, pine, sweet, potpourri and woodsy scents are not appreciated by all, in fact some potpourri’s can smell like mold, causing buyers’ home inspectors go on attic mold hunts.


Make sure your décor appeals both to males & females.  Too much of any gender-specific style may make the other gender not feel at home.


Newer kitchen appliances are definitely a plus!  Most buyers prefer matching stainless steel stoves, refrigerators, microwaves and dishwashers these days, and most don’t pay much attention to the brand.


Fresh or silk flowers add a lively touch and splash of color.


A small decorative fountain on a vanity or table can add the soothing stress-reducing sounds of cascading water.


Display your best decorative guest towels in the bathroom.


A plate of fresh baked cookies or a bakery cake or a fruit basket on the table awakens the buyer’s senses and makes it feel like home. 


Turn on all lights before your buyers arrive at each showing—Looking for light switches interrupts the grace and beauty of your tour.


Because you don’t have to look for light switches during the tour, focus on taking notice of your buyers facial expressions as they tour your home, all honesty comes from their facial and body language—not so much from their words; buyers like to flatter owners, so you don’t always get the truth as agents do. 


If the tour lasts longer than 20-minutes that is a good sign that they might request a 2nd showing.


The first facial expression upon entrance is usually them taking in the home fragrance and beauty of the entrance—which should be your main focus during staging since most buyers make their mind up in the first 10-seconds of the tour.


Check with your agent to make sure he/she follows up with a phone call after each showing to get feedback from the potential buyer and discuss any objections.  

Lots up times the buyer misinterprets something and the agent can clarify and bring them back.


These are examples of low cost ways to entice buyers and strike an emotion to help potential buyers feel at home. Usually it’s a smarter alternative to risking thousands of dollars remodeling. 

Many sellers have learned the hard way that remodeling doesn’t usually raise the house value enough to get the money back.  


Remember, buyers are emotional, and they actually want you to sweep them off their feet, so a little bit goes a very long way!


Ask your buyer if they want the guided tour, or if they would rather just do a walk through themselves. 


Some buyers escape a showing too early if the seller is clingy or talkative because they can’t relax enough to focus on picturing their family in the rooms, other buyers welcome the tour.  


*  Remember to read their facial expressions and body language to see if you are over-stepping or not. 

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