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Easy Home Staging Tips


Home buyers are emotional, and most have their mind made up already within the first 10-seconds of touring your home…. So every second they are impressed counts in their decision.


If you are preparing to sell your home, you should “set the stage” as if your home were a setting for a family TV show, and then use special techniques to awaken the buyer’s senses.  This makes a huge difference in the final sale price!


Homes that have sat on the market unsold for many months, later sold higher than the original ask price after I came in replacing the unsuccessful agent!  This is due to multiple bidding offers which come in when you strike the right emotions.  Here are a few of my do-it-yourself tips...

Dazzle Them!


Stressed buyers tend to look for “What’s Wrong” with a home, while relaxed, comforted buyers look for “What’s Right” with a home.  A soothing, yet awakening décor can perform like magic to de-stress.

Another way to let their guard down during the tour is to make them laugh a little with a short clean joke or pun, since it is physically impossible to laugh and be stressed at the same time.


Casinos and fancy department stores use lots of lighting, shiny props and oxygen, which they pump into the air to get gamblers fired up and arouse their senses; because when they feel good they let their inner-guard down and when their guard is off-duty they feel more free to explore all options.  You can mimic this awakening emotion by opening windows for 20-minutes before showings to replace stale air with more oxygenated fresh air & dazzle them with sparkling clean decor as well.


Create Home Ambiance with the Right Lighting!


Although fluorescent lighting can save you money year-round, now is not the time to use it!   As you probably already know, fluorescent lighting does not improve the look of anything or anyone.  

GE makes a bulb called “Reveal” which adds the “wow factor” to  vibrant colors and textures.  (link to Reveal Bulbs)


Use any pink bulb to change the look of rooms where you want to express a soft relaxation effect.  Floodlights can make a dramatic statement to kitchens and hallways.  Dimmer switches can also allow you to enhance the tone and mood of each room.   Strategically place lighting to highlight and draw attention to your favorite areas.  A tiffany lamp or other style standing lamp can dramatically enhance any room corner that might otherwise be unnoticed.   Outdoor lighting adds to your home’s appeal in the evening, whether it be solar lighting around the paths, lamp posts, or even a string of white lights around the deck.   Creative lighting can make a huge difference in the look and feel your prospective buyers will experience and remember.


A fresh coat of pale or neutral-colored paint on any walls that need a boost; staying away from bold dark fad-colors. 

Add a splash of color to neutral rooms with throw pillows; mixing different colors and textures together.



Remove refrigerator magnets, excess gadgets, photos, small appliances and any extra décor that expresses who you are personally, but may not reflect the buyer’s personality.  For example: if the buyers don’t share your love for sea shell collections, or cat decor, and you have them in every room, it could spoil their visuals of trying to picture their own family in the home.  Most buyer’s seem to like the Martha-Stewart-style plain and neutral look.



Replace older cabinet and door hardware with shiny new decorative handles.  If new granite countertops are in your budget, do it… new counters are one thing buyers really appreciate.  If it’s not in your budget; an  inexpensive alternative to new granite countertops is a do-it-yourself countertop refinishing kit that you can buy at your local hardware store or online.  These kits use layers of painting, speckling, adhesive and gloss for a quick inexpensive fix for out-dated or worn out countertops.  It can be almost as glossy and durable as granite.


Re-grout tiles (or buy grout-cleaner then top with liquid white grout stain), re-caulk bathrooms and re-glaze porcelain and white appliances with tub refinishing spray kits found at your local Home Depot or similar store, for a brand-new look.

If professionally installed new flooring is not in your budget, consider installing a “floating floor” to cover worn out linoleum or cracked tiles. (Floating floors are floor tiles that appear professionally installed, but are easily pieced together like a puzzle and lay on top of the old floor.)


Touch-up a faded tar driveway with “black-top” rubberized paint and crack filler, for only about $20. for 5-gallons in Home Depot or similar store, and it looks brand new again!  (Not recommended for Florida heat, but great for northern states)


Remove any old-looking furniture, wallpaper, curtains or décor that might distract the buyer with thoughts of their grandparents. Since most home buyers are age 30 to 45, you want them to stay focused on how they will decorate, and be able to visualize their own young family in your rooms without any other thoughts diverting their attention. 


Easy Curb Appeal


Clearing old shrubs outside, and planting new flowers or plants creates curb appeal. Any shrubs that stop the sunlight from coming in should be trimmed, or replaced with smaller shrubs, because natural sunlight enhances the home tour.


Illusions of Spaciousness


Remove all clutter to create an illusion of larger living space.

Closets should appear only half-full and neatly organized (box excess items and store if you have storage space, or consider having a yard sale.)


Remove excess furniture and any items that have an old drab or worn-out look. 


Borrow accent furniture, art and other décor from friends or family.  Purchase decorative items to use as staging props now and later serve to decorate your new home after you move.


Display more active living space, by adding a small bistro table to an empty corner, set with tea cups or a board game or jigsaw puzzle.


If you have gleaming hardwood floors, roll up old rugs and let them boast their beauty.


Open all window blinds and curtains to let the sun shine in.


Set your dining table elegantly, as if you are about to have dinner guests.


Place a cookbook on the kitchen counter.


Round off square room corners by placing a chair or other object in the corner facing the room diagonally.


Fragrance the entire house with the cleanest-smelling, soft scent. I sometimes use light body sprays instead of harsher air fresheners.  If you don’t have time to bake, try Cinnamon Roll Candles which arouse the senses as well. 


Everyone likes the smell of clean, but over-spiced, pine, sweet, potpourri and woodsy scents are not appreciated by all, in fact some potpourri’s can smell like mold, causing buyers’ home inspectors go on unnecessary attic mold hunts.


Make sure your décor appeals both to males & females.  Too much of any gender-specific style may make the other gender not feel at home.


Newer kitchen appliances are definitely a plus!  Most buyers prefer matching stainless steel stoves, refrigerators, microwaves and dishwashers these days, and most don’t pay much attention to the brand.


Fresh or silk flowers add a lively touch and splash of color.


A small decorative fountain on a vanity or table can add the soothing stress-reducing sounds of cascading water.


Display your best guest towels in the bathroom.


A plate of fresh baked cookies or a bakery cake or a fruit basket on the table awakens the buyer’s senses and makes it feel like home. 


Turn on all lights before your buyers arrive at each showing—Looking for light switches interrupts the grace and beauty of your tour.


Take notice of your buyers facial expressions as they tour your home, all honesty comes from their facial and body language—not so much from their words; buyers like to flatter owners, so you don’t always get the truth as agents do.  If the tour lasts longer than 20-minutes that is a good sign that they will request a 2nd showing. The first facial expression upon entrance is usually them taking in the home fragrance and beauty of the entrance—which should be your main focus during staging since most buyers make their mind up in the first 10-seconds of the tour.


Check with your agent to make sure he/she follows up with a phone call after each showing to get feedback from the potential buyer and discuss any objections .


These are examples of low cost ways to entice buyers and strike an emotion to help potential buyers feel at home. Usually it’s a smarter alternative to risking thousands of dollars remodeling.  Many sellers have learned the hard way that remodeling doesn’t usually raise the house value enough to get the money back.  


Remember, buyers are emotional, and they actually want you to sweep off their feet, so a little bit goes a very long way!  


Okay—okay; I can’t give you all of my secrets just yet, but hopefully this is a helpful start.  When you’re ready to sell and maximize your end result, please call or text me:  561-714-0931 or email:


“Here’s to Smarter Selling!”     


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