2 Simple Steps to Buy a Home with Instant Cash-Back

And Possibly No Closing Costs 


1.  Choose a broker or agent that is so experienced that they do not have to split their commissions with another broker.


2.  Choose an agent that cares more about the client than how much money they will earn.


Ask me for a list of agents that contribute up to 33% of the buyers-agent commissions to their buyers closing costs on successful closings, since they don’t have to split with another broker.  


In addition, I bring 20+-years experience of negotiating home sale prices lower for my buyers and in some cases I can even convince the seller to contribute to the buyers’ closing costs.  (Obviously as long as there are no better offers at that moment.)


With these two strategies combined, some buyers may actually purchase a home with zero out of pocket.


Plain and simple…   The average buyer’s agent commissions are 2.5% to 3% … so cash back to buyers under my plan may typically be...


300k home      $2,500.  to  $3,000  buyer rebate    

500k home      $4,000.  to  $5,000  buyer rebate

700k home      $5,775.  to  $7,000  buyer rebate

900k home      $7,500.  to  $9,000  buyer rebate


Your closing costs will vary depending on each individual lender.  In some cases you can even negotiate the lenders closing fees too.  I have owned a mortgage franchise in the past, so ask me how later.


How to buy a Home with both

“No Closing Costs” and “No Down Payment” Both...


There are certain homes that are mapped for up to 103% financing through the USDA, with low rates and fees too.  (The extra 3% can be applied to closing costs if applicable.)

They even accept mediocre FICO scores in certain cases.

These homes are typically in rural areas that have lower population, but not far from more-populated areas.   Ask me for a map that will tell you if there are any 100% financing eligible homes in your search area.


If you are a veteran you may also qualify for 100% financing, and if I am able to negotiate for closing costs contributions paid to you by the seller, combined with my rebate, you might be able to purchase a home with $0. out of pocket!


No other agents that I know offer what I do, as far as both rebates and knowledge that can save you thousands, so call me when you are ready to buy smarter!   

(I also represent and negotiate for buyers that by FSBOs as well.)


Hopefully, you are in my working areas of Florida.  (If not, maybe I can recommend a good agent in your area.)

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